hydroponic garden

Sowing vegetables in our hydroponic farm, allows us to offer you, our visitor, the freshest vegetables that have required a minimum amount of fertilizers to grow, bringing to your tables vegetables that have just been cut and have no kinds of pesticides. Hydroponic farms, are an alternative to agriculture in big scale and lands, because in a small portion of area, you can grow larger amounts of vegetables. This allows us to continue protecting our lands and forests.


Introduced in San Gerardo de Dota circa 1958, rainbow trout requires colder waters to reproduce, so they find the perfect atmosphere offered by the Savegre River to reproduce. At Kahawa, trout is the main star in our menu. We offer a variety of dishes that include trout, from appetizers like trout pate, to delicious main dishes. We even smoke trout in place for the dishes that we offer.  


A delicate flower protects the fruit of the golden berry, a fruit tree of great beauty. Known as the “fruit of love” it is rich in Vitamin A,B and C, besides containing potassium, iron, phosphorus and zinc; and it is also attributed with anti carcinogenic properties and anti oxidants as well. Originally from Peru, it is cultivated in Costa Rica only in highlands, such as San Gerardo de Dota. We use it in juices, fruit plates, desserts and others.


Being at more than 7,000 feet above sea level, the area of San Gerardo de Dota cultivates peaches of excellent quality and flavor. We prepare refreshing peach juice, and preserved fruit.  


As indicated by its name, this papaya comes originally from the Andean areas of Chile. It is reproduced in heights between 4000 – 9845 meters above sea leavel, so it adapts perfectly to the climate and height of San Gerardo de Dota. It is a smaller version of the regular papaya, as its size is between 6-15 centimeters in length and its fruit is yellow. We prepare delicious preserved fruit with its syrup.


There is a long tradition of blackberries being offered in the Costa Rican menu, mainly because of the delicious juice that can be prepared from the fruit. In Costa Rica, blackberries grow very well in all the area of Los Santos (from which San Gerardo is a part). It is common to observe blackberry bushes in our area that offer a good amount of this fresh fruit. The fruit is known as a great anti oxidant, rich in vitamin C and widely known for its low calorie count.


A traditional product in the area of San Gerardo, is it reproduces perfectly at this height. Try our apple pie, Evelyn’s specialty! You wont regret it!


An exquisite fruit of unique flavor. It contains high leves of fiber, reason why it provides great nutritional values, while also being a great ally to your health, as its properties help clean the lungs and a great help also in constipation cases or stomach problems. We generally prepare it as preserve fruit. 


A different kind of fruit, that is conferred with properties to reduce cholesterol, vitamins, while being low in calories. We use it in marmalades and as preserved fruit.


Included in the list of the “super foods” because of its great properties, when helping with a better intestinal transit and as a regulator of digestion. It is attributed with properties to prevent colon cancer, while being a great help in cases of constipation.